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Copy of Our Story.


Explore our story and Heritage through our timeline 






Young Irene embarks in an European trip that nourishes her creative sense and skyrockets her style. This built the foundation for the designer that was to become.


Irene Zingg moves to the cosmopolitan city of Miami. Along with her four children she starts a new life full of promise and adventure. This is where the designer was born. Her fascination for beautiful jewels led her to start designing for herself. Friends and family were mesmerized with her colorful and creative designs. Clearly she brought with her the combination of majestic colors and raw beauty of Venezuela and interpreted them into pieces that broke the mold of jewelry of the time. What started out as a hobby became her life’s work.


In 1983 Sazingg is born. Armed with an easy smile, impeccable taste and boundless energy, Irene Zingg started  designing pieces that quickly caught the attention in the industry and clients.  She concentrated on impeccable craftsmanship and top quality stones to solidify her brand. He designs were adaptable and could be transformed from the casual to the most elegant of events.


Launch of Enchanted Forest. These were the years where color and fun were at the frontline. Earrings that evoked playfulness dominated the new jewelry trend. Made with different textures and color combinations, these butterflies, ladybugs, fireflies and bees captured everyone’s attention. It was an exiting new way to wear jewelry, in a casual but fun way. Shapes of flying creatures that evoked enchanted forests, in different color tones that created a desire for collectors. It was with no doubt, one of the first big successes of the brand.


Mother and daughter join forces shacking up the jewelry world. Irene’s only daughter, named after her, shares the same passion and creativity as her mom and grandfather for jewels, proving a strong legacy through generations. She will continue designing with her mom until today.


The big trend, Chokers 
What Says 90´s more than the large choker necklaces.
It was a time in our history where more, was definitely more.
Exuberance and sensuality, chokers came in all materials, and Irene Zingg created her own version in precious stones, beads and pearls.


Cabochon creations
Sazingg exhalts the smooothness of the cabochon cut by adorning it with precious stones, allowing the beauty of its simplicity to shine and enhancing the beauty of the color. Cabochons are widely used in Sazinggçs collections, and remain a preferred cut in many of its creations.


Flowers Flowers everywhere collection
This was innovation by design. Incorporated in the structure, were elements of movement, giving the flower and the jewel the appearance to dance. This added not only beauty, but entertainment to the piece. Fun is key.


Sazingg’s first 925 Silver collection is launched.
Pioneering the use of precious stones set in silver, and finished with 18K gold, and rhodium for a stricking finishing. After 20 years of exclusively designing in gold, the new era of creating jewels in silver. This allowed a broader clientele to experience Sazingg’s designs.


Launch of the Amazon Wood and diamond collection.
When two of the most beautiful and powerful elements of nature meet, wood and diamonds, the combination is perfection. Inspired by the strength and life that exemplifies native Amazonian wood, Sazingg launched the show stopping collection that is, Sazingg Amazon. These are jewels that challenge the senses.


covertible jewelry
These jewels can be adapted to be worn from the most casual to the greatest gala. The clever design, allows the piece to be deconstructed and change it’s shape and size, turning the jewel into something completely different. In Sazingg, rings can turn to necklaces, and studs, can transform into chandeliers.
Vogue Magazine featured Sazingg Convertible Shandelier Earrings showcasing their versatility and elegance.


The Sazingg double rings are born.
Designing with a modern twist, While still maintaining comfort and ease in wearability, this collection of stricking and luxurious rings soon were loved by top jewelry connoisseurs. Truly a fashion statement, they are a new interpretation of the ever popular, cocktail ring.


2011 Pearls and leather (aqua collection)
Sazingg’s versatility in style comes up with a fresh new collection, which combines leather and South Sea Pearls. A hippie chic vibe, that contrasts with Sazingg´s signature sophistication of precious stones and materials. Freshness and coolness for the modern woman.